Monday, March 26, 2012

Spiritual Vitamins

We have spiritual malnutrition unless we accept these vitamins:

Vitamin A – Atonement – Christ’s death atoned for our sins. Accept this vitamin and sing Alleluia!

Vitamin B –Bible - God’s Word, we are to read and feed on this vitamin and count our Blessings.

Vitamin C – Christ died on the Cross for us, rose again and established his Church. We commit our lives to Him and we are his Church. Vitamin C is powerful!

Vitamin D – Disciple – We follow Him with Dedication and Devotion and he Delivers us from evil.

Vitamin E - Everlasting Life – What a life-giving vitamin this is!

Vitamin F – Faith - We are saved by faith through grace, and we Fellowship with one another.

Vitamin G – God – our Good and Grace-filled God Gives Good Gifts!

Vitamin H – Holy Spirit – dwells in us as our Helper.

Vitamin I – Immanuel – God is with us – what Inspiration!

Vitamin J – Jesus – Our Justifying King, puts the Joy, Joy, Joy down in our hearts!

Vitamin K – King Jesus fills us with Kindness and Knowledge.

Vitamin L – Love that will not Let us go and helps us Let go.

Vitamin M – Master, Messiah and Mediator gives us Meaning, Message and Mission.

Vitamin N - New Life – we are New creations in Christ.

Vitamin O – Opens the eyes of our heart.

Vitamin P - Prayer, Purpose, and Peace fill our lives. Praise Him!

Vitamin Q - Quiet Time with Him Quells our Questions.

Vitamin R - Refuge, Response, and Resources are found in Him. Rejoice!

Vitamin S - Son, Savior, and Shepherd Saves our Soul. Sing praise!

Vitamin T – Trust in His Teachings Touches us Tenderly. Give Thanks!

Vitamin U – Unity in Him – Unveils our hearts.

Vitamin V – Vision - He is our Vision giving Victory in Jesus!

Vitamin W – Wisdom – God’s unsearchable Wisdom is revealed to the Weak.

Vitamin X – eXcellence – Perfection found only in Christ. He is our eXample.

Vitamin Y – Yes – We say Yes to Him and are Yoked with Him.

Vitamin Z - Zeal – We are Zealous (enthusiastic, passionate) for our God and His purposes.

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  1. Dottie:
    This is a good list of Vitamins. Thank you for posting this. You included my word from God for this year-Trust.