Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Drifting apart in a marriage usually happens very slowly. Drift begins when we stop spending time together or don’t talk as much as usual. It may begin due to a disagreement that leaves us with hurt and anger. We don’t know how to resolve our issues so we keep our conversation safe. We avoid controversy. We avoid our feelings. We never get beyond small talk.

This is exactly what happens when we “drift” away from God. We’re too busy for prayer or bible study. We say a brief prayer on the run, telling God we’ll get back to him later. We don’t open our deep hurts and troubles to God. We keep our prayers safe. We may even be angry at God and avoid talking with him.

Do we really want to know God? Drifting is serious business. I know, because I drifted far away from God and didn’t come back for many years. God waits, wanting to hear from us every day. And he always takes us back.

We miss out on so much when we drift away from God. When we stay close and seek him we feel his presence, receive his guidance and live by his Spirit more and more. We may even say, “Did not our heart burn within us.” Luke 24:32 NKJV

Have you spent time with God today?

Blessings, Dottie

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