Thursday, June 22, 2017


Blog Readers: Just in case you missed my Facebook postings about my Sisters Blog I’m reposting pictures here of my sister and me together as children. We're writing a series on REASONS TO BELIEVE. See link at the end.

Here's my sister, Betty HaynieWe were opposites as kids and still are. She was an extrovert, loud, and spontaneous. I was an introvert, quiet and reflective. We did skate, ride bikes, hunt fire flies and enjoy vacations together as kids. But we were not close as kids or even as young adults. We enjoyed yearly family reunions while our children (in stair steps) were babies to teens. Since 1990, our love, enjoyment and understanding of each other has grown and blossomed as has our faith. 

Betty                         Dottie

Betty is on the left and I’m on the right in each of the pictures. We were not twins though dressed alike in the pictures and often mistaken as twins. Aren’t we cute?

We’re a bit older and I’ve lost a few teeth!

It’s winter and we have new snow outfits. Are those muffs? Or are we making snow balls?

Dottie: “This picture is unusual as I’m the quiet one. Yet it looks like I’m talking and Betty has her mouth clamped shut. No smiles here. But I do have my arm around her neck. Also Mom must have braided her hair but not mine!! And we’re dressed like twins again. (I’m the older sister, folks.)

Betty: "Where on earth did you get this one? I never saw it before. The reason your hair isn’t in braids is that your hair is so curly and beautiful. I had braids until I was 10 so I guess I’m not there but you are."

The Sister Blog with Betty and Dottie began here on Reasons I Believe in God.We will continue our story on July 4th or so.

Blessings, Betty and Dottie

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