Friday, January 18, 2013

Bruised by the Word

Have you ever been bruised by the Word? Have you ever been offended, crushed, or in pain from hearing Scripture? We talk about how comforted we are by Scripture - and many scriptures are intended to comfort us. But do we ever admit we’re sometimes crushed or bruised by the Word?

I dropped a very large hard cover bible on my foot and look what happened. As I pondered this incident I realized that when we really take in the Word and hear its message we will be wounded. We will be bruised.

We’re supposed to “die to self?” Ouch!

We’re supposed to “Love others as we love ourselves?” Ouch again.

We’re supposed to Forgive? Turn the other cheek?

We ignore these teachings and numb ourselves to the pain or difficulty of hearing the Word and doing what it says.

I’m a sinner with no merit of my own. The things I want to do I don’t do. Woe is me for I am undone. He was bruised for our iniquities so his righteousness covers our sins. We are saved through faith by grace alone. The bruising is essential to our surrendering to Him. The bruising helps us grow in Christ.

Blessings, Dottie  


  1. This is a very good parallel.I had a similar injury with a can of chicken broth. But I didn't get this insight with my injury. Thank s for sharing.

    1. Thanks for your reply. Perhaps the chicken broth soothed your body and soul afterwards!