Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Prophetic Book for Americans

I just finished reading Implosion by Joel Rosenburg. So here's my book review as an extra blog this week. 

Implosion is a very timely book and well worth reading. It asks the question, can America recover from its economic and spiritual challenges in time? Rosenberg writes in the context of Christian prophecy and beliefs. Some of his books have been prophetic – coming out just before major events related to his topic. He has done it again with this book - dealing with the financial and moral crisis currently facing us.

Rosenberg describes the pessimists view, the optimists view and the biblical view of our current national plight. I was sobered by this part which gives many facts and figures about how deeply in debt and how deeply decadent our culture has become. He also vividly describes his biblical understanding of the Rapture.

Then Rosenberg gives a detailed, informative history about the First and Second Great Awakening. I learned that even in the 1700’s Christians were plagued with apathy! Rosenberg’s rich descriptions of Jonathan Edwards, George Whitfield and John and Charles Wesley demonstrate how their influence sparked revival. Similarly, in the chapter on the Second Great Awakening we read about Francis Asbury, Timothy Dwight and Charles Finney and their impact in igniting revival.

Rosenberg then asks the question: “Will God in his grace and mercy decide to allow the American people to experience a Third Great Awakening?” He believes our country will implode unless this happens. He challenges all Christians to get serious about their faith, offering specifics about how to pray for revival, share the Gospel with others, and disciple new believers. He says we need a national U-turn from our current path as a nation.

This is an excellent book to guide us in what we can and must do as Christians. Only God can bring another Great Awakening. Our prayers, repentance and efforts to obey God may not be successful, but without this our country will face “utter disaster.” Pray for revival!

New Year Blessings, Dottie

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  1. Thank you for this great review. I recognize the idea that God has to be the one to bring about a third Great Awakening. As I understand it, even the measures to stave off the "Fiscal Cliff" seem to carry a huge price tag. Happy New Year to you and yours.