Friday, March 11, 2016

Why Go To Church?

Many people today call themselves Christians but are no longer involved in a church. Many see no reason to go to church. As Easter approaches I hope readers who match this description will go back to church and renew their faith. I hope those who didn’t grow up in church will also go during this special Holy season. Here are some reasons why going to church is a great idea.

Going to church every Sunday will give you a weekly time to worship God and think about the meaning and purpose of life. Though we can worship God anywhere we strengthen our faith and that of others when we are united in worshipping. Joining in worship together, with songs, praises and prayers, connects us with each other and with the God of the universe – if we let it. Come to church with an open mind and pay attention to the words that are sung and prayed and taught. Pay attention to the friendliness and comfort offered by God and by his people.

Do you know Jesus? Come to church and get to know him. He said “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no man comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6. Take a chance and come and get to know about him and then decide if you want to ask him into your heart.

A weekly worship service helps keep us honest with ourselves about the way we are living our lives. And it keeps us honest before God. It takes us out of our self-centered concentration on our own needs and inspires us to serve others. It encourages our spiritual growth. There are no lone ranger Christians. Without support and connection with other believers the fire of the spirit is apt to burn out.

Church attendance offers us community. The church is like a family. Meeting with other believers week in and week out creates strong friendships; close bonds are formed. This lifts and feeds us and we have more resolve to live for Christ the rest of the week.

The church teaches us the Word of God. This is the way we grow in knowing who our God is. We also learn about the traditions of our faith and the suffering of those who kept our faith alive through the ages. Our problems shrink in comparison. We focus more on our Holy God and seek his face more. Worship fills us with His Spirit and this inspires and encourages us throughout the week.

The church celebrates the Holy days of our faith. We need symbols and rituals and a worshipping community to mark the passages of life: births, marriages and deaths. The worshipping community helps us keep our vows to each other and to God and helps us mourn our losses. The church provides support through difficult times.

The church loves and teaches our children. If we want our children to know the great teaching of Jesus and the Word of God we must be active in a church.

Come to church because the Word of God ordains the church as His body on earth. Think of all you’re missing by staying home. The God of the Universe calls you to come!

Come on Easter to celebrate the most joyous Holy day the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He said he would live again and he did. After dying a terrible death on a cross he was seen again! He was seen on a number of occasions over a period of forty days. He dined with his disciples, walked through doors, cooked fish on a beach and ate it with his disciples. He taught them many more things and reconciled with Peter who had betrayed him. He told his followers he would be leaving but would come again. The disciples observed him being taken up into the sky. The life of Jesus is recorded by historians of the time as well as in the Bible. Take a chance on believing in Him.

“On this Rock I will build my church.” Matt.16:18

Blessings, Dottie

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