Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Inspiring Memoirs: Coming to Christ from Other Worldviews

From the Cauldron to the Cross: My Journey from Wiccan to Christian
By Shari Hadley

From the Cauldron to the Cross is a gripping account of the author’s experience as a practicing Wiccan who by God’s grace came to faith in Christ. Hadley describes her abusive childhood, her negative self-image and dabbling in the occult as a teen-ager. She met and married a man kinder than anyone she had ever known. They had a son and ten years into their marriage her husband was suddenly killed in an accident. Following this she fearfully went to a church and pursued help from the pastors and a teacher. She accepted Christ and renounced all other gods and occult practices.

This did not end her troubles. Hadley’s vivid description of the continuing oppression she experienced from evil spirits is eye-opening. She describes spiritual warfare in which she is besieged by voices, thoughts, visions and fear as “the spirits” attempt to disrupt her Christian journey.

Shari Hadley is to be commended for sharing her pain and the reality of spiritual warfare. Readers will gain an understanding of friends who dabble in new age or occult practices and of how uncomfortable they may be in church. They will need help from a counselor knowledgeable about spiritual warfare. Hadley is now a new creation in Christ and her journey continues.

Dr. Neil T. Anderson’s Forward gives valuable insight about Shari’s journey and the steps to freedom from bondage. His books are valuable life changing resources.

Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church
By Lynn K. Wilder

Unveiling Grace is an amazing true story of one family’s life as faithful Mormons for thirty years followed by the gradual realization that Mormonism is a false gospel built on an authoritarian structure that demands complete obedience and steadfast works to gain eternal rewards.

The author, a tenured professor at Brigham Young University at that time, describes in detail the life they enjoyed as Mormons, how and why they were deceived by Mormon teaching and beliefs, and the tremendous struggle each member of the family went through before accepting the Jesus Christ of Scripture. When they began to doubt they immersed themselves in the New Testament and their eyes were opened to the Truth.

There is much to be learned from Wilder’s book. Though I already knew Mormon beliefs were false I was surprised to learn the details of this. Many of their beliefs are completely opposite Christian beliefs. Hopefully this book will help many Mormons find the Truth. Christians should also read this book so we will know how to witness to Mormon friends. A short guide at the back of the book details the major differences in teaching including - the Bible is not infallible, God the father has a body of flesh and bones, belief in a plurality of Gods, the Trinity is not accepted, Christ’s atonement didn’t cover all sins, eternal life requires grace plus works.

Surprised by Oxford
A Memoir By Carolyn Weber

Surprised by Oxford is a remarkable and very literary memoir of Carolyn Weber’s year of study at Oxford; a year in which she went from agnosticism to true faith in Jesus Christ. Throughout the book we listen in to her witty and wise conversations with friends, and professors, believers and non believers. She shares her doubts and struggles and steps to belief. The book is conversational and beautifully written with gems of wisdom, literary allusions, and quotes. Weber demonstrates that the Christian faith is supported by rigorously reasoned truths.

You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.” John 8:32 NLT

Blessings, Dottie

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