Friday, September 7, 2012

Changing Churches: Are You A Church Switcher?

Note to readers: I plan to blog at least weekly this year and will cycle through (1) the commands of Jesus (the red words), (2) marriage and family issues and (3) church issues. For the last year I've sent a newsletter called Changing Churches: News and Views with information about church in today's world. I've decided to post these "newsletters" here occasionally so many more Christians can learn from them. Here's #1

Changing Churches: News & Views       
A Newsletter for Christians Concerned About Changing Churches  
                               - On this rock I will build my church. Matt. 16:18

Are you a "church hopper" 
...or thinking of becoming one?
Do you look down on Christians who change churches? According to a Lifeway study, 76% of "church switchers" are devout Christians! I plan to write about this difficult journey and give you information on:
  • The right reasons to leave a church
  • Managing the pain of leaving a familiar church
  • Searching for another church - the anxiety and adventure
  • Handling conflict between spouses about leaving and searching
  • Finding the new church that fits you and God's plan for you 
Do you wonder about vast changes in church?
Do you wonder what will bring church unity? And what will bring transformation in the church? I plan to write about:
  • Changes in worship and music
  • Differing world views and the postmodern church
  • Effect of our culture on the church
  • Biblical solutions to increase faith, unity and transformation
How am I qualified to write about these issues? Good question. I'm a two time "church switcher." I've walked this painful road. I'm also a clinical social worker. I know losing relationships is very painful - and church membership is about relationships with precious brothers and sisters in Christ. It's not easy to leave a church and most people don't do so nonchalantly. As a result of my journey I have read over forty books on churches in recent years. I also read Christianity TodayGood News, and Modern Reformation, and Chuck Colson's Breakpoint newsletter. I'm not a theologian or a pastor so can't give their learned viewpoint. But I will give you an honest "view from the pew." And I will summarize ideas from theologians and pastors. I write this to help build up the church - not to bash the church. I love the church. My husband and I have belonged to three marvelous but imperfect churches in the last twenty years. There are no perfect churches.

My hope is that this newsletter will interest and help (1) church hoppers, (2) devout Christians concerned about the direction of church changes, (3) church pastors and leaders who want to better meet the needs of church visitors and leavers, and (4) to all who would like to discover ways to refresh the church and even transform it.
Blessings, Dottie 

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