Thursday, May 19, 2011

How Can I Achieve My Dreams?

Most of us dream of achieving all sorts of goals. We want to find a better job, lose weight, keep our home clean and our possessions organized, read the Bible, spend more time in prayer, join the Y and keep fit, take piano lessons or art lessons or golf lessons. We have many plans in our head that never happen. Our dreams won’t happen unless we set clear, specific goals and then—just do it. The Cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland said: "If you don't know where you're going, then any road will get you there.” Below are the steps that apply to most goals.

1. You must set a goal. Decide what road you will follow.  Write down each specific goal. Writing it down commits you to a clear decision. For example, say your goal is to get your house or apartment cleaned up and rid of clutter. 

2. Decide when you will do this. For example, you might decide to clean for four hours every Saturday. Or you might decide to spend an hour every day at 4 pm putting things away and getting organized.

 3. Tackle one thing at a time. This may be one room at a time or even one drawer at a time. Throw out junk. Put away items, arranging things so you can find them. For example all socks in one drawer or things filed alphabetically.

4. Take difficult steps by recognizing the benefits. For example, say you have trouble letting go of things. Think of the savings of not having to store, clean or take care of the items you get rid of.  In addition, someone else can use your castoffs. Most of us have stuff we rarely or never use.

5. Take charge of your childish side. If you have a history of procrastinating or not finishing projects you may be at war with yourself. One part of you wants to accomplish things but the other side is lazy or tired or rebellious. You will be more content if you take charge and complete projects. Decide to over rule the childish side of yourself. Set realistic goals about this, being kind to the kid side of you. Work for an hour – then take a break and rest, for example.

I hope these ideas help you set and accomplish your goals.

No one can serve two masters.” Matthew 6:24

Blessings, Dottie


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  1. This is so true Dottie! We have done that in our new life here. Every room, closet, cabinet...etc is clean, and organized, every item has a place. It is so freeing to do other things we want to do! In addition, it has put us in line with God's word of being good stewards as well as your quoted verse, no one can serve 2 masters! And, I don't have to clean for very long to have a fresh home on my days off! Leaves more time for the chickens and garden! :) Love and miss you! Kathy